Roots & Shoots Projects

Example Projects

  • Creating a Sustainable School & Eco Audits
  • Marine Conservation Projects – Petition, Awareness, Fundraising
  • Chinese White Dolphin Observation Trips for Education
  • Beach Clean Up
  • Teaching Younger Students Environmental Education
  • Magic Show for Disabled Kids
  • Tree Planting
  • Walkathon: Fundraising for Orphans
  • Green Week at School
  • Fundraising & Awareness raising for homeless people
  • Fair & Eco Trade: Soap Nuts, Beads for Life
  • Meaningful Media: R & S Ad Production
  • Great Ape Portraits Art Show
  • Micro & Organic School Gardens & composting
  • Writing Competitions focusing on Issues
  • Environmental Issues Photo Exhibition
  • English Teaching for single parents association
  • Recycling program in school
  • Installing Water fountains – reducing use of plastic bottles
  • Reusable Bags Campaigns


Celia Ho: Campaign Against Ivory Trade

Celia, a Form 3 student at True Light Girls’ College, speaks out against ivory trade. She has written a letter to a newspaper and designed a poster to raise awareness about the issue. She got the backing of Dr. Jane Goodall, Eco-Sys Action and lots of others.



Harbour School: Global Issues Conference

Fifth Graders at Harbour School host a Global Issues Conference each June.  The project is a culmination of several weeks' worth of independent research and action to address the world's problems.  Students select the topics that inspire them, write their own speeches which involve their research and discuss the action they initiate and undertake, present it to other students, parents and representatives from organizations, and then host a poster session during which time anyone is invited to ask them questions on their topic or action. 


Roots & Shoots Group: “3 Months for the Homeless”

3 Months for the Homeless' is a group of students aiming to make a difference by raising awareness of the plight of homeless people in Hong Kong. "We have challenged ourselves to raise $15,000 (in 3 Months) for the Salvation Army to solve problems faced by street sleepers in the Yau Tsim Mong district and to improve the quality of various homeless shelters in Hong Kong.

3 Months for the Homeless

Roots & Shoots Group: Hong Kong International School

We have been doing our project on discouraging the use of disposable water bottles and promoting the excellent drinking water quality of Hong Kong. We’ve tackled this problem by providing an alternative and informing the school community about our research and efforts.

We’ve printed “Water Not Plastic” on stainless steel reusable water bottles, which is the title of our project. This means the bottle contains water, and not plastic because for disposable bottles, it takes more water to produce the bottle than the water it contains.

Roots & Shoots Group: South Island School

Roots & Shoots applied for a Student Council loan to purchase 100 kg of ‘soap nuts’. We started promoting the use of ‘Soap Nuts’ at our school fair, as they are an organic and river/ocean friendly alternative to laundry detergent. Also at our stall we had face painting for fundraising, selling Trash & Treasure to promote reusing preloved goods, selling hand made reusable bags and selling beads to support Ugandan communities.

Roots & Shoots Group: South Island School

Roots & Shoots Group: International College Hong Kong

Our student committee has conducted a green audit of many areas of the school (cafe, classrooms, administration office, staff room) and come up with recommendations.  The students selected two projects to start on. The first was to create recycling bins for all the classrooms, with notices drafted by the students on how to use them correctly. The second was to start our ICHK organic garden. All the students and teachers will be coming together to develop ideas for ICHK’s first Green Charter. We want to make our school – and homes – as green as possible, and also learn important lessons about renewable energies in the process.

See the resources page for more project examples and ideas on how to get started.